four for the core

Four for the Core

Phase I

(For a county (or county equivalent) in the top 10% of the state’s population)


County (or equivalent):
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PILLAR 1 - REGISTRATION (Voter Roll Accuracy)

Will the county (or equivalent) commit to removing ineligible registrations if proven ineligible?
Will the county provide transparency, such as offering voter rolls for free or for a nominal cost, to ensure fraudulent registrations do not reappear?
Is the county willing to dump the entire voter roll and require eligible voters to show up in person at the registrar’s office to reregister with a valid ID?
This is a particularly reasonable request in exceptionally small counties.

PILLAR 2 - PRIMITIVITY (Machines and Hand- Counting)

Will the county (or equivalent) commit to removing electronic voting equipment if they can be proven unreliable?
Will the county (or equivalent) commit to using only paper ballots counted by hand?
If unwilling to abandon electronic voting equipment, is county willing to hand count the paper ballots generated by the machines? This is critical for ensuring total ballots matches the number of voters checked in to vote and on machine tapes.

PILLAR 3 - SECURITY (Removal of Drop Boxes)

Will the county (or equivalent) commit to removing drop boxes which leave elections vulnerable to malicious actors? This is a particularly big threat if the county in question is within a state that has banned ballot harvesting.

PILLAR 4 -TRANSPARENCY (Reporting Guidelines for Public Confidence)

This county (or equivalent) is one of the top 10% of the most populous counties in the state. Because some of the counties of this size hold out the reporting of results and wait for the rest of the state to report totals (to manipulate results). Will the county commit to reporting its votes before the bottom 90% report theirs?